Friends of the Healdsburg Library

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The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Healdsburg Library meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m., usually in the Library Forum Room.

The Friends' Board coordinates all the Friends' activities -- book sales, art shows, lectures, membership drives, paperback book (sale) shelves, the newsletter, underwriting the Library's ValueLine subscription, and publication of the Ex Libris column in the Healdsburg Tribune.

We welcome donations anytime of clean hardback and paperback books, cassettes, videos, CDs and DVDs. Please, no moldy or musty books.

  • President:   Rebecca Goodsell
  • Vice-President & Book Sale Chairperson:  Charlene Luks
  • Secretary:   Joan Gipe
  • Treasurer:   Penny Mabe Chambers
  • Book Sorter:   Diane Lubich
  • Event co-coordinators:   Mary Ann Gervais & Sheila Kneass
  • Ex Libris:  Simon Jeremiah
  • Membership:  Ginni Lomax
  • Newsletter Editor:   Linda Selover
  • Online Sales: Merl Griesert
  • PR & Mailings: Lena Darcy
  • Volunteer  Coordinator:  Deana Fusco
  • Liason, City of Healdsburg:  Brigette Mansell
  • Susan Phillips
  • Gershom Thompson

Friends' newsletters