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The Sweet Life! . . . and . . . The Bittersweet Life! for Teens


The Sweet Life! . . . for Tweens

Do you love to bake? Cook? Get together with friends and make treats?

Sample some fun series books about doing just that, and find what suits your taste!

Start with Confectionately Yours, book #1, Save the Cupcake! by Lisa Papademetriou:  "Hayley has a knack for baking cupcakes -- and cupcakes always make life just a little sweeter! But when she and her best friend Artie start drifting apart, she realizes it's going to take more than sugar and spice to make things nice."

Or try some delicious books by Lisa Schroeder, starting with It's Raining Cupcakes: "Isabel dreams of seeing the world but has never left Oregon,
so when her best friend, Sophie, tells her of a baking contest whose winners travel to New York City, she eagerly enters. Includes recipes."
Or . . .  try The Teashop Girls by Laura Schaefer:  "Annie, along with her two best friends, tries desperately to save her grandmother's
beloved, old-fashioned teashop in Madison, Wisconsin, while she also learns to accept the inevitability of change in life.
Includes proverbs, quotations, and brief stories about tea, as well as recipes."

Do you believe in magic?

 What if you had the power to cook up treats that change people's lives?  

Would you do it? 

Find out what happens to Rose Bliss and her brothers in the trilogy by Kathryn Littlewood.

Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series, the Beyonders trilogy, and Spirit Animals books
brings you magic candy and arcade game superpowers.  What's not to like?

Ok guys, so you can cook.  

You can chop, slice, dice, mix and whip up fabulous gourmet cuisine.  

But can you solve global mysteries too?


Take a page from Neil Flambe, the series by Kevin Sylvester.  It's a sure recipe for adventure and fun.

And then there's . . . The Bittersweet Life!

Teens know life isn't all sweetness & light.

Sometimes things happen, and you just have to deal with it.

But having family, or friends-- cooking skills to make that life-saving comfort food--can make all the difference.

Yes.  When life hands you lemons, whip up some killer lemondade and have a party!

Hudson gave up a promising competitive ice skating career 
after her parents divorced.  Now she spends her time
baking cupcakes in her mother's upstate New York diner,
but when she gets a chance at a scholarship, she realizes
she's not through with ice skating after all.
8th grader Bertie Hooks has to keep his dream of becoming a 
world-class chef a secret, especially from his mortal enemy,
Nick Dekker, but when they both get "flour-sack babies" for
or a week, things get really complicated for Bertie.
Francie has pastry-filled dreams and gets a chance
to meet celebrity baker Lorenzo LaRue.  Francie is
sure if Lorenzo could see how passionate she is
about baking, he would help her launch her career,
and possible marry her.


Molly and Cassie are assigned to work in the kitchen
as a punishment for their food fight and realize the only
way they are going to be released from the duty is to
learn to cook. Includes recipes.
Cyril, an overweight guy who is good friends with Rose
but wishes he could be more, helps his best friend Nick
woo her with culinary masterpieces--actually made by Cyril.
Includes recipes.
A cooked up twist to the Cyrano de Bergerac story.
When she’s accepted to Taste Test a reality-TV
teen cooking competition,Nora can’t wait to leave
her humble hometown even if it means saying good-bye 
to her dad and her best friend, Billy.
16 year old Elaine dreams of being
the next Julia Child, to the great
dismay of her feminist mother.
Foster McFee and her mom escape
from her mom's abusive boyfriend and
end up in a small town in West Virginia,
where they use their cooking strengths
to build a new life, with the help
of the friends they make there.
Junie, Celia, and Danielle, 
3 high-schoolers in Brooklyn, form
a friendship cooking dinners together
by helping each another survive
their romantic entanglements.
Growing up working in her family's
Mediterranean restaurant in Washington, D.C.
doesn’t mean 16 year old Sophie is ready to
compete on a new reality show: Teen Test Kitchen.
Includes recipes.