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E Street Equipment Checkout

Here’s how you get started

There Are 2 Ways To Check Out Camera Gear

  1. On Demand

    E Street Studios now offers a limited collection of equipment available for check out on demand at the reference desk.

    You can check out available gear 7 days a week during library open hours – without an appointment.

    Just stop by the reference desk to complete the online agreement and request your equipment. This option allows you to check out a select library of equipment anytime.

  2. By Appointment

    Complete the Borrower Agreement below.

    When we receive your completed agreement, we will email you a link to make a pickup appointment. Appointments are Mondays and Thursdays.

    This option will allow you to:

    • Access the larger camera collection
    • Use curbside pickup in the back of the library
    • Re-check out equipment (if no one is waiting to check it out)
    • Get help with equipment

Camera Catalog

Please email estreet@sonomalibrary.org or call (707)308-3020 if you have any questions.

We offer a variety of classes and meetups. View the Events Calendar for a complete list of dates and times.

  • Camera Basics
  • iMovie Editing
  • Sound Studio Basics
  • Create A Digital Story
  • Media Maker Meetup

Contact Information

Borrower's Agreement

Read the Borrower's Agreement and text below to indicate that you understood, and agree to the procedures of E Street Studios.

  • I have received, fully read, understand, and agree to abide by all rules and regulations of this Borrower’s Agreement.
  • I understand that I must be 13 years old or older to check out camera equipment.
  • I am responsible for the equipment at all times, until it is returned to the Library. I will not leave equipment unattended or leave it in the care of anyone else.
  • I must return the equipment to the library within 3 weeks of checking it out.
  • I understand that I cannot check out another camera kit until the first kit is checked in, but I may check out additional camera accessories.
  • I understand that I cannot check out camera gear if I have any overdue camera library items.
  • I understand that if I return a kit with missing components, I will be charged for what is missing according to the kit contents list.
  • I accept responsibility for proper care of the equipment that I am borrowing and understand that I will be held accountable for all replacement or repair costs in the event of loss, damage, or theft. If the repair costs for an item total 50% or greater than the total replacement cost for an item, the item will be replaced and the patron will be responsible for the total cost of the item. If the item can be repaired and the repair costs total less than 50% of the item, the patron will be responsible for the repair costs.
  • I understand that equipment returned with excessive odors (smoke, pet odors, etc.) may accrue a $25 cleaning fee.
  • I will immediately report any loss or damage of the equipment and/or its accessories to a Library staff member.
  • I agree to return equipment to the library where I checked it out in good condition 21 days following my check out date. I will not return items to the book drop.
  • I understand that Sonoma County Library is not responsible for any files left on the equipment, or for loss of, or damage to files during the loan period. All files will be deleted when the equipment is returned to the Library.

Review The E Street Catalog

Review the full description and list of camera equipment and accessories available in the equipment catalog.

Choose Equipment

Only one of these kits can be requested at a time.

Multiple items can be requested.

For detailed information see: sonomalibrary.org/camera-catalog

XLR Cables

Lens Library

Lens Library

Battery Library

Battery Library