Agency Cards

Support your clients with Sonoma County Library books and materials!

What is an Agency Card?

To ensure library access for all members of our community, Agency Cards are available to government agencies and private entities that offer services to affiliated individuals. The card provides a supplementary library account to support agency clients with library materials.

Agency Card Perks:

  • Extended checkouts (keep materials for up to six weeks!)
  • Check out up to 100 items at a time
  • Waived replacement fees for up to four lost/damaged items per year

Applying for an Agency Card

Apply in person at any Sonoma County Library location. Applicants will need to present the following items as confirmation of eligibility:

  • Photo ID
  • Agency contact information
  • A letter requesting issuance of the card presented on official letterhead of the government agency or private entity, and signed by a legal representative who can accept financial responsibility for items borrowed on the card

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Who Qualifies for an Agency Card?

Any agency in Sonoma County (governmental, non-profit, or for-profit) that offers services to affiliated individuals can obtain an Agency Card.

Expiration & Renewal

Agency Cards are issued for one year and renewed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are all items available to check out with the Agency Card?
A:  Most library items are available to check out. However, these items are not available for checkout with Agency Cards:

  • Hot spots
  • Chrome kits
  • Discover & Go museum passes

Q:  Are all items available to check out for six weeks?
A:  Yes, all Sonoma County items are available to check out for six weeks. Lake County Library, Mendocino County Library, and LINK+ materials follow regular loan periods and restrictions.

Q:  An item that was checked out on our Agency Card is lost. What can we do?
A:  Agency Cards waive lost/damaged item fees for up to four items per year. When you come into your library, just let staff know that the item was lost, and we will make a note of it. If the item is later found, please bring it back!

If four replacement fees for lost/damaged items have already been waived this year, the agency is responsible to pay replacement fees for lost items.

Q:  Can I get an Agency Card if someone else at my place of work already has one?
A:  One Agency Card is issued for all staff at a given facility or agency site. It is up to the agency to determine which staff members will use the card to best serve clients.

For more information, please see our Library Cards and Borrowing Policy.