Library Advisory Boards

The following provisions regarding the creation, purpose, liaisons and meetings of the Library Advisory Boards is from the First Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement for the County-Wide Provision of Library Services by the Sonoma County Library (see the full Joint Powers Authority Agreement):

A. LAB Creation. The Library shall establish a Library Advisory Board (“LAB”) in each city or community in which at least one regional branch library operates.  The LABs shall be comprised of, and shall be operated by, the residents of their respective service areas who shall be appointed by the Commission.  Each LAB shall set its own procedural rules and operational bylaws, and shall comply with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act, California Government Code Section 54950, et seq.  As of the Effective Date, all existing LABs shall continue to remain in effect.

B. LAB Purpose. The purpose of the LABs shall be to provide information and make recommendations to the Commission and the Library Director on matters affecting library service based on input from their respective service areas.

C. LAB Liaisons. Each LAB may appoint one LAB member to act as a liaison to the Library Commission, who shall present an annual report on the activities of the LAB to the Library Commission.

D. Annual LAB Meeting. All LABs are encouraged to hold one combined meeting at least once a year to address system-wide library service and related issues.

Schedule of upcoming Library Advisory Board meetings

Library Advisory Board Vacancies

To apply to serve on a Library Advisory Board, use these applications in English or Español to your Regional Branch Manager via mail or email.

Library Advisory Boards

Regional Library Advisory Boards serve to advise the Library Commission on issues affecting each branch.  Please visit the links above for vacancies if you are interested in serving on your library's advisory board

To apply to serve on a Library Advisory Board, please submit a completed application to your Regional Branch Manager via mail or email.

Applications can be obtained in English or Español or from a Branch Manager. Applicants are required to reside in the regional service area of the Library Advisory Board.

Applications are reviewed by the Branch Manager along with the Library Commissioner for that region.  Appointments are made by the Library Commission.