Suggest a Purchase - Sonoma County Library

Use this form if you are a Sonoma County Library patron requesting us to purchase a book or other item for the library collection.

We appreciate your suggestions, and we read every single one! However, we might not be able to respond directly to you about the outcome of your suggestion, so please do check back regularly to see if the title you want has appeared in our collection.

Please note:

  • If you’re looking for popular upcoming titles, especially from bestselling authors or blockbuster movies, don’t worry, we have our eyes on them too. There’s no need to suggest them.
  • It is less likely that we can purchase older titles, so please consider checking LINK+ to see if it is available to request for free from another library.
  • If you would like to see other guidelines that we use for selecting library materials, have a look at our Collection Development and Management Policy.
  • If you are suggesting an eBook or eAudiobook please search for it on OverDrive and scroll down to recommend it if it is available in OverDrive and not currently in our collection. When you recommend an eBook on OverDrive a hold is automatically placed for you if your suggestion is purchased. If it is not available in OverDrive, feel free to use this form.

Sonoma County Library Suggest A Purchase form